Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2017


All Archdiocese Clergy


Leesburg, VA


Opens: May 1, 2017

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  Register after September 30, 2017
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About the Retreat / what happens there and why you should come

The vision of the APC is simply this: "Brothers who love and serve one another."

Its mission is is "to serve the clergy of the Archdiocese by supporting our priests through spiritual growth, educational development and personal wellness. This mission is accomplished through retreats, continuing education, brother-to-brother outreach, ministry development, clergy family care and benevolence."

The biennial National Clergy Retreat is one of the most important ways the APC fulfills that vision and mission through refreshing, renewing and recharging the clergy of the Archdiocese of America, and through them the Church, ministries and families they serve and love.

All this happens through encounters with dynamic and personal speakers, engaging sessions with brother clergy, refreshing adventures to change the pace and plenty of time for great conversations, personal prayer and taking a break from our hectic daily schedules. And an professional fitness sessions add to the overall emphasis on wellness that empowers all who attend to be better stewards of their gift of heath.

It is a place where brothers who serve at the Holy Altar of Christ discover that they are not alone in their struggles and have others around them that can uniquely share their joy. It is also the only national gathering event in the life of the Archdiocese exclusvely for clergy.


Buzz / what brother clergy are saying about the retreat

"We could relax and speak frankly"

I greatly enjoyed the fellowship and the feeling of being among a brotherhood where we could relax and speak frankly about the issues and concerns we have. Also, it was good to see that each of us is not alone and that similar problems are being dealt with in other parishes by other clergymen.

(2013 participant)

"We can't do it alone"

“The retreat helped me to reaffirm to not be so hard on myself and to feel more empowered to reach out more to my brother clergy for much needed support and encouragement. We can't do it all alone, and God wants us to serve him in communion with one another.”

(2013 participant)

"An environment that felt safe and loving"

"It allowed me to have a very positive personal experience with my brother clergy in an environment that felt safe and loving."

(2013 participant)


Event Speakers / encounters that challenge



As Archbishop of America, Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and head of the Eparchial Synod of the Archdiocese since 1999, His Eminence has traveled extensively in his work as archpastor and shepherd. Known to many of our clergy through those travels as well as a beloved professor of Old Testament at Holy Cross, His Eminence will celebrate Divine Liturgy and offer pastoral words and have opportunities to interact with all those in attendance.



The APC 2017 National Clergy Retreat Team is working on the next exciting and inspiring speaker. Check back for details later!

Questions / everything else you need to know

Your parish. As cited in the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council Guidelines, "The National Clergy Retreat (NCR) of the Archdiocese of America will be organized by the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council and held biennially on the off year of the Clergy Laity Congress. All expenses for clergy participants are to be covered by their individual Parish, as per the Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the remunerative standards for clergy established by the Clergy Compensation Plan that is issued annually." Exceptions to this directive must be approved by the local Metropolitan.

Further, the Archdiocese Uniform Parish Regulations (Article 17 (Clergy), Section 8), state: "The Archdiocesan Council and the Archdiocesan Benefits Committee will establish remunerative standards for the Clergy. These standards, for the following year, shall be sent to each Parish annually, by September 30," and in the Clergy Compensation Guidelines referred to therein, it is noted: "The Parish must provide…Expenses for attending District/Metropolis Clergy-Laity Assemblies and Retreats, the Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress, Clergy Continuing Education Programs, and the Archdiocese Presbyters Council Retreat."

It depends on your choice in a number of factors: Registration, Hotel and Travel

Registration: $350-$395

Register by September 30, 2017 pay only $350 - a savings of almost $50 over the regular rate of $395.

Hotel: $232-465 + tax

Rooms are an affordable $155/night single or double occupancy, so save money by sharing a room with a friend and cut your cost for three nights to $232 + tax or $465 + tax for a single.

Travel: $100-$300

Airfares to nearby Dulles Airport are ranging $100-$200 from the East Coast, $200-$300 from the Midwest and $300-$400 from the West Coast. Book early!

That puts the total cost range between $680 and $1,160 depending on your choices of registration, rooming, transportation and location.

The APC understands that clergy schedules are subject to change due to issues beyond our control and has established the following refund policy. It allows a partial refund for cancellations by September 30, 2017.

By September 30, 2017

Cancellations requested by September 30, 2017 will receive a refund of the registration fee paid less a $100 cancellation fee.

After September 30, 2017

Cancellations requested after September 30, 2017 will not receive a refund due to guarantees and expenses incurred by the retreat as a result of the registration.

Important hotel cancellation note: Registrants who cancel are responsible for cancelling their hotel reservations. Failure to do so may result in hotel cancellation charges.

The APC wants to make this as all-inclusive and worry-free as possible for our hard-working brothers, and great efforts have been made to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses, so the registration fee includes:

All scheduled events

All scheduled meals*

All event transportation

Scheduled airport shuttle*

All Adventures except golf and rentals

Hospitality Suite

*Notes: Thursday lunch is not a scheduled meal and is on your own. Airport shuttle service is complimentary during scheduled times only. Golf and Paradise Point activity rentals involve extra fees.

The overall cost of the retreat is greatly lowered for all clergy through a generous grant from the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment Fund. This makes the event more affordable for all.

Additionally, limited financial assistance is available for clergy with demonstrated need through the Leadershp grant and through APC and Metropolis Clergy Syndesmos resources. Clergy should contact their local Syndesmos representative for information. A list of representatives can be found here.

Important note:All requests for financial assistance must be received by the Earlybird registration discount date of September 30, 2017.

The National Clergy Retreat is, by definition and as indicated in the Registration information, a clergy only event, just as the National Sisterhood of Presvyteres is a women's retreat only. Our schedule, meals and other events are designed with the full participation of the clergy registrants in mind. Because attendance at any session, meal, adventure or other retreat function is limited to paid clergy participants, please understand that wives or others do not have the opportunity to do so.

The APC does, however, place a great emphasis on healthy clergy couple relationships, and since Lansdowne Resort is a beautiful location at a great price, clergy may want to enjoy some time there with their presvyteres before or after the retreat. So, wives and families are welcome to be present for the three days BEFORE the retreat or the three days AFTER, but are kindly asked to NOT be present on-site DURING the retreat itself.

We encourage all our Presvyteres to attend the NSP Retreat in October

The affordable registration and hotel rates are made possible as incentives to participate in the entire retreat, and all attendees are expected to receive the full benefit of the retreat by participating in all events.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The discounted hotel rate is available only to clergy who register and participate in the retreat events. Attendees who register but do not participate in the retreat will be charged full room rates.